Staff Emails

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Mr. D. Younger  
Mr. I. Close 


Ms. K. Abel
Counselling, A - Le
Mr. D. Benoit
Sciences Humaines, Environmental Studies
Mr. M. Bonikowsky
Learning Assistance
Mr. M. Burford
Physical Education, Athletic Director
Ms. L. Bye
Physical Education, Family Studies, Socials
Mr. M. Bylsma
Sciences Humaines, French
Ms. D. Csizmadia
Librarian, Grad Transitions
Mr. B. Crawford 
Dr. V. Dean
Economics, Career Programs Facilitator/Work Experience, Psychology
Mr. D. Dupuis
Physics, Immersion Science
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Ms. K. Faryna
Ms. J. Fehlauer
Ms. J. Graham
Planning, Physical Education, Economics, Socials
Ms. S. Greenwood
Fashion Studies, Explorations, Junior Foods
Ms. J. Ismay
ELL, Social Studies
Ms. S. Khangura
Law, Learning Assistance, Geography
Ms. C. Leroux
Science, Chemistry
Mr. N. Ma
Immersion Science, Robotics
Ms. N. Mansour
Francais Langue, French
Ms. R. Marshik
Francais Langue, French, Spanish
Mr. S. Masse
English, Physical Education
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Ms. C. Miller
English, History
Ms. J. Moor
Mr. M. More
Mrs. A. Murray
Foods, Physical Education, Superfit, Leadership
Mr. J. Nair
Mr. R. Nenninger
Dr. C. Neufeld
Supportive Learning
Mr. A. O'Hara
Metalwork, Info Tech
Mr. R. Paul-Morris
Counsellor, Li-Z
Mr. C. Payne
Physical Education
Mr. I. Peers
Alternate Program (Changes)
Mr. J. Preston
Art, Band, Synphonic Ensemble, Explorations, Planning
Ms. D. Sandhu
Science, Earth Science, Math
Mr. D. Schellenberg
Physical Education, Film and Video Production, Explorations
Mrs. C. Schiebel
Biology, Science
Mr. K. Scott
Woodwork, Metalwork, Explorations
Ms. S. Seip
Info Tech/Digital Media, Desktop Publishing/Yearbook,
Computer Coordinator, Webmaster
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Ms. J. Sorbetti
Francais Langue
Ms. L. Stark
Drama, Theatre, Communications, Social Justice, Explorations
Mr. T. Stielow
ELL, International Coordinator
Ms. L. Trieu 
French, Francais Langue
Dr. M. Tobin
Mme I. Trinka
Immersion Science
Mrs. N. Ursulak
Social Studies, English
Mr. A. Uzama
Explorations, Info Tech
Mr. T. Wildeman
Ms. J. Wood
Social Studies, English
Ms. L. Yang
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 Mrs. T. Bayley 
 Education Assistant (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)
 Ms. D. Buxton
 Education Assistant
 Ms. P. Cheng
 Career Advisor
 Ms. S. Dhillon
 Multicultural/Youth Empowerment Worker
 Ms. J. Fenrich
Teacher (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)
 Mrs. M. Ferguson
 Education Assistant (Learning Assistance)
 Ms. M. Goodman
 Education Assistant
 Ms. J. Hayre
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 Mrs. T. Karila
 Education Assistant (Supportive Learning)
 Mrs. S. Kennedy
 Student Data Coordinator
 Mrs. G. Little
 Administrative Assistant
 Mr. N. Meharb
 Education Assistant (Refugee Support)
 Mr. C. Miller Joe
 Child and Youth Care Worker
 Ms. C. Northcott
 Teacher (Visually Imparied)
 Ms. J. Richards
 Translator - Deaf/Hard of Hearing
 Ms. E. Rivard
 Accounting Clerk
 Ms. K. Ruddell
 Child and Youth Care Worker (Changes Program)
 Ms. D. Still
 Education Assistant (ESL/International Program)
 Ms. R. Woolford
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