Valedictorian Selection

To apply to be Burnsview’s 2017 Valedictorian, students must meet the following criteria.

The student:

  •  Is in a position to graduate in June
  •  Is respected by peers and staff
  • Has maintained strong attendance and engagement in their classes
  •  Is involved in school/community activities outside the classroom
  •  Is a positive role model
  •  Is able to deliver an appropriate speech reflecting the high school experience of the entire graduating class
  •  Is willing to work with a sponsor teacher to review the valedictory address

How do you become valedictorian?

Students must submit answers to these two questions to the office by April 19th. Ensure your name is on the document.

a)     What does it mean to be Valedictorian?
b)    Why are you the best candidate to represent the class of 2017?

Candidates will present their response to the staff selection committee on April 26th at 3:10 pm in Room 101. The presentation should be approximately three minutes long.

Three candidates will be chosen by the staff selection committee, and then a vote by grade 12 students will determine the valedictorian.

**The valedictorian address must be presented in French and English. Therefore, if the candidate selected is not competent in French, a second student who is will be chosen to present with him/her.