Consent Forms

It is important to have accurate student records, particularly with respect to medical and health information.  Please verify and update student information on Parent Connect.  Because of the amount of communication via email, please ensure you have included an accurate email address.

The following forms have been posted on Parent Connect for you to review and authorize.  Please log in to your Parent Connect account, review the notices and select the appropriate response to each form.

Family Demographic Information (must be responded to by September 30th each year)

Please take a moment to review your demographic information on Parent Connect. Update as necessary your cell phone number(s), email address(es) and emergency contacts. If you have a change to your address and/or home phone number, please call your school, or send a note to the office.

Emergency Release Information  (must be responded to by September 30th each year)

In the event of an emergency resulting in school closure during the school day, and you are unable to collect your child(ren) from school, you authorize the release of your child(ren) into the custody of temporary adult guardians. The Out-of-Province contact name and telephone number would be used if local telephone service is disrupted.

Outside Media In Schools (must be responded to by September 30th each year)

Media (including radio, television, newspapers, and other print and online media) are sometimes permitted or invited to come to the school or to school activities and allowed to take photos/video or conduct interviews with students, for the purposes of promoting public understanding of school programs, building public support for public education, and encouraging student achievement.

Personal Information Consent Form  (must be responded to by September 30th each year)

In accordance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Board of Education of School District No. 37 is seeking your consent to collect, retain, use and disclose photographs, videos, images and/or names of students and groups of students in a variety of publications and on the School District’s website(s) for educational purposes.

Walking Field Trips Permission  (must be responded to by September 30th each year)

During the school year, teachers may take students for excursions in and around our neighbourhood. The teacher will provide supervision on these neighbourhood trips, with the assistance of parent volunteers, as required.  When longer trips involving travel outside our local area are planned, you will be informed in writing and will be asked to sign a separate permission slip for each trip.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a suite of applications designed to facilitate communication between students and teachers, and increase student engagement with their class. The Apps enable students to engage in on-line class discussions, submit assignments, receive ongoing feedback from their teachers and peers when enabled, and also supports ongoing assessment.

Commercial Electronic Messages

Canada’s anti-spam legislation requires us to obtain your consent in order to provide you with electronic information about many of the happenings and events occurring at your child’s school or within our school district.