Homework Sites

Below is a contact list of staff and teachers who post homework and assignment information online.
For School Notes you will have to type in the school postal code – V4C4V8- to gain access.
The link for First Class will take you to the teacher web site.
If you have any questions please contact the teachers directly.

Benoit, D. Immersion Humanities
Bylsma, M. Science Humaines, Français Langue
Crawford, B. Math
Dupuis, D. Physics
Leroux, C. Science
Mansour, N. Français Langue
Marshik, R. Science Humaines, Français Langue
Moor, J. Math
Nair, J. Math
Nenninger, B. Math
Schellenberg, D. Film and Video Production
Schiebel, C. Science
Ursulak, N. English
Trieu, L. French, Francais Langue
Trinka, I Sciences, Chemistry
Wildeman, T. English
Yang, L. English