Policies & Procedures

Bicycles, Skateboards etc.

For safety reasons, bikes, skateboards, scooters and roller blades are not to be used in the school.  During school hours skateboards, scooters and roller blades should be locked away. Bikes can be locked up in the bike racks.  It is essential that students lock valuables when they are not in use.

Cellphone Usage in Schools

In January 2024, the provincial government announced plans to restrict the use of cellphones in schools. Research shows that frequent cellphone interruption in the classroom, social media platforms with addictive algorithms and predators who seek to exploit young people all present significant risks to young people. The district emailed all families on June 20 regarding this new restriction, which comes into effect on July 1, 2024. Personal digital devices are not permitted to be used during instructional time, which includes Flex time and field trips, except when explicitly required by the teacher for educational purposes. Please view the district website to view the district letter.

In addition, it is recommended that parents/guardians and students refer to the Infographic/FAQ.


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Lockdown / Hold and Secure

Hold and Secure
This is a procedure which allows the school to continue with the normal school day but forbids outside activity and unnecessary room to room transit. No unauthorized personnel are to enter the building. Most commonly used when an incident is occurring outside the school building, on or off school property, and there is no immediate or active threat.

This procedure is used when there is an immediate and imminent threat to the school building population. School staff and students are secured in the rooms they are currently in and no one is allowed to leave until the situation has been safely resolved or evacuated safely. Most commonly implemented when the building has an intruder.

Emergency Evacuation

The first priority in any emergency (real or drill) evacuation is the safety of students and staff. In all cases students are expected to follow directions from staff.  In no case should alarm bells be ignored or treated casually.  Following evacuation, classes will congregate on the grass field.

Late Assignments

It is expected that students hand in all assignments on or before the due date.  The punctual submission of assignments allows for timely feedback and the transition to subsequent units in a course.


A locker is assigned to each student for the storage of personal belongings. Lockers must be secured with a combination lock. Combination locks are available for purchase at the office. Lockers are also available in the changing rooms which students should use during P.E. For security reasons, students should not share lockers or lock combinations with others. Lockers are on loan to students and must be kept in good order and left in good condition.


We are required to maintain a safe and efficient procedure for all students who attend school. If your child has a medical condition that requires precautionary treatment or medication at school, please ensure the medical information is on file in the office.

If you have not filled out the required Medical Alert Card and/or the Request for Administration of Medication form, please have the form(s) completed and signed by your doctor and yourself, and return to the school as soon as possible. If necessary, emergency treatment kits can be stored in the Medical Room.

Personal Electronic Devices

Cell phones and other PEDs must remain out of site and turned off completely during classes unless explicit permission is given by the teacher. This is because these devices can disturb the learning environment, distract students, and be used for academic dishonesty. The exception to this rule is when your teacher has approved their use.  Repeated violations will result in a parent meeting with administration prior to the return of the PED. Please be aware that PEDs are sometimes lost or stolen and that the school is neither responsible for the loss nor in a position to recover it.


Plagiarism is the copying or reproduction of any work without the proper recognition of the original authors. Plagiarism is not acceptable on a school assignment. Examples of plagiarism include:

  • Copying more than five words in a row, or paraphrasing from text found in a book, magazine, software program, website or television program without giving appropriate credit.
  • Handing in work (for credit), which is the same as, or essentially the same as another student’s work, or allowing another student to copy your work.  Group work is encouraged, but the work submitted must reflect their own ideas.

Students who copy the work of others in the above or any other manner may receive a zero on the submitted assignment and may face further consequences for repeated violations.

Taking Pictures
Traffic and Parking

Special care must be exercised when driving near the school and in the parking lot.  The areas marked accordingly are reserved for staff and are not to be used as drop off or pick up areas.


Important work is missed during any absence and students absent from classes are at a disadvantage compared with those in regular attendance. The school is not in a position to grant or deny permission to any student to be absent from school for family vacations. The decision rests with the parents. It is, however, important that the parents contact the office and the teachers well in advance of an extended absence. It is also advised that the student talk to their teachers in advance of the absence and collect necessary assignments or projects, where the teachers are able to prepare these. Please note that teachers are not obliged to provide work during an extended vacation absence. Year end absences are of particular concern as final exams must be written at their scheduled time.


Students should not bring valuables, including large amounts of cash to school.  The school does not cover such losses, nor is it responsible for replacement.  Students should not take valuables to their Physical Education classes.


Visitors are required to report to the office upon arrival.  During Professional Development Days at Burnsview, students are requested to stay away from other schools while they are in session. Any student inviting a guest to Burnsview must obtain permission, at least one day in advance, and a guest pass from the school administration before the guest is allowed on school grounds. The host student assumes responsibility for the behaviour of the guest.