Welcome to Burnsview Secondary School


    7658 - 112 Street, Delta, BC  V4C 4V8                                     Tel: 604-594-0491  Fax:  604-594-6352

It’s hard to believe that another summer holiday is rapidly drawing to an end and that we will soon be returning to school. I hope that you have all had a chance to enjoy some time with friends and family to relax and recharge. Over the holiday our staff has been working hard getting the school ready for a smooth opening. Our office staff has ensured that administratively we are ready to go; our counselors have reviewed and corrected student schedules while our custodial crew has the building in great shape.

As Principal coming new into the Burnsview community, I am excited to be joining Burnsview Secondary School and look forward to getting to know our students and families and working to support the student’s success as they progress through their education.

For students new to Burnsview, I would like to make you aware that Burnsview follows a linear program. This means that students will see all eight of their classes, four per day, for the full year. This is shown in the student schedules, which are now available and can be viewed through Parent Connect. A link to Parent Connect can be found on our website. While we have made attempts to check all of the students’ schedules, please review the schedule that you have received to ensure it is complete. If you are missing courses or are wishing to make a course change, please book an appointment with your counselor.

For the 2015/2016 school year we will be continuing the inclusion of teacher collaboration time in our schedule.  A focus for many of our teachers this past year has been on teaching strategies and more authentic assessment. Through the use of the collaborative time, we expect this development to continue.

We look forward to meeting our new Grade 8 class – the class of 2020 – and to working with our returning students as we anticipate another exciting and successful year for the Burnsview community. We’ll be holding grade assemblies during the second week of school to provide information to all students about the coming school year.

Leading up to the summer and also over the summer, we have experienced a few changes to our teaching and support staff. Please join me in welcoming:

Mr. T. Stielow joins us from North Delta Secondary, he will be teaching ELL and will be our International Student coordinator.

Ms. E. Roy also joins us from North Delta. She will be teaching FSL.

Ms. M. Sutherland Joins us from Delview teaching Social Studies and English.

Ms. B. Moleschi also from North Delta is joining our Home Ec. Department.

Mr. K. Butler returns to Burnsview and will be teaching Science and Math.

Ms. L. Yang joins us and will be teaching in the English department.

Mr. G. Grant also joins us teaching in the Science and Math departments.

Ms. S. Griffiths returns to Burnsview and will be supporting students through the Grad Quest program.

Ms. M. Goodman Joins us and will be working with Dr. Tobin and students in the Strategies program. 

Schools open for students to return to classes on Tuesday September 8th. Information regarding opening day activities on is available on our website under September Startup. Also on the website is information about school supplies, locks and lockers, course fees, pictures and all those other Back-To-School issues you are wondering about. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 604-594-0491 or come to the school office. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. until August 28th and 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. thereafter.

Mr. D. Younger, Principal

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Burnsview is a diverse community dedicated to helping its citizens on their personal journey of growth and achievement.  We become our best selves in a safe and challenging learning environment that encourages risk-taking, cooperation, mutual respect and fun.
The Griffin symbolizes Burnsview.  It is believed to have originated from Indo-Iranian mythology, the "Gryphon".  It was absorbed into the Greek culture as a fabulous creature symbolic of strength and became the Griffin.  Griffins are portrayed with a lion's body, an eagle's head, long ears, and eagle's claws to indicate the need to combine intelligence and strength.  The mythical Griffin drew the chariot of the sun and guarded a golden treasure.
We believe that this representation depicts what we strive to accomplish at Burnsview where our students are challenged to become the best they can be physically and intellectually.