Student Fees

In keeping with Ministry and District guidelines regarding school fees, Burnsview collects monies to cover the student activity fee, workbooks, project-based electives, a grad fee for grade 12 students, team sports fees, rental of musical instruments, activities related to PE, and field trips.

Student fees will be assessed mid-September and fee statements will be emailed to parents or can be viewed through Parent Connect once assessed. Fees can be paid online through Parent Connect by credit card or at the office by cash, cheque, credit or debit.

Student Activity Fee – $10.00

Covers the cost of the My School Day App and helps offset costs related to assemblies, guest speakers, athletics, and awards, as well as various activities throughout the year.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the Student Activity Fee has been reduced from $23.00 to $10.00 to reflect the elimination of many usual school activities.

Student Agenda Book – $2.00

Covers the cost of the hard copy of the student agenda book, which will be provided to all Grade 8 and International students.

Emergency Preparedness fee $2.00

Helps cover the cost of replenishing the food and water in the earthquake bin.

Grad Fee – $40.00

Covers the cost of expenses related to the Valedictory Ceremony including souvenir grad regalia.

Yearbook $50.00

The yearbook fee is optional but students who wish to be sure of obtaining a yearbook in June should order a yearbook early in the school year as the number of books ordered is based on the number of students who have prepaid.

Workbook Fees

Workbooks are used in specific classes. A deposit is paid for workbooks at the beginning of the year and if they are returned in June, unused and in good condition (determined by the subject teacher), a credit or refund will apply.

PE 8 to 10 Supplemental Activities – $5.00

Covers the cost of guest instructors.

Active Living 11/12 – $80.00

Covers the cost of field trips and guest presentations. These will vary from year to year. Some examples include: driving range, golfing, dance instruction, curling, rock climbing, fencing, bowling, hiking, Grouse grind, kayaking, sailing, swimming, fitness club, self-defense, trampoline park, laser tag (not all suggested trips will occur every year).

Fit for Life – $60.00 

Covers the cost of guest presenters, instructors, field trips and personal fitness equipment.

Fitness and Conditioning – $60.00 

Covers the cost of personal fitness equipment.

Robotics 10, 11, 12 $125.00 

Covers the cost of team registration and two tournaments.


There are no fees for the basic courses however fees for enhanced materials (more costly wood choices etc.) will be charged on an as required basis throughout the school year. The subject teacher will advise the student if there is a charge for take-home materials.

Media Arts

There may be a charge for electronic storage materials.

Accommodating Hardship

Where economic hardship is a barrier to participation, the school will work with parents and students to find alternate means to allow the student to participate. Questions regarding this process should be addressed to the Principal or your child’s counsellor.